about Water Color Sort

The Water Color Sort puzzle game is straightforward, entertaining, and highly addicting. The next thing for you to do is sort the colored water in the cup so that all of the colors in the glass are the same.

It won't take you long to get the hang of the game, but mastery won't come easily, and there are a thousand different challenges to keep you on your toes.
A mentally stimulating activity that won't stress you out too much!

How to Play and Win

To transfer water from one bottle to another, simply touch any glass bottle.

The rule states that in order to transfer water from one bottle into another, both bottles must be of the same hue and have sufficient empty space on the surface of the glass container.

Give it your best effort and try not to get bogged down. You need not be concerned because you may always begin over at any time. Alternately, you can add a new message by using the assistance feature.


- Simple manipulation using the mouse
- More than one thousand distinct and ever-increasing levels
- You have an unlimited amount of time to play, and you may go at your own pace while enjoying Water Sorting Puzzles and Liquid Sorting Puzzles!



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