about Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution challenges you to push your body's physical and mental boundaries. You can become the finest possible version of yourself by traversing a 3D environment full of transformation portals, platform jumping, collecting purple diamonds, and battling enormous bosses. Do the math, decide which direction your stickman should take, and then watch him engage in the fight of his life.
People are no longer required to work out at gyms or on fitness equipment. In this universe, we have access to gateways that can change the size of our bodies to anything we like. All that is required of you is to select the appropriate colored portals that have the highest number. Follow the arrows to find out how the portal will affect your body based on either your height or your width before going through it! Keep your attention on the green portals and stay away from the red ones, as going through them will only make you smaller. Be wary of the challenges and impediments that lie ahead of you; they will prove to be your greatest adversaries along this path. Make leaps with the buttons and try to get the purple diamonds that are floating in the air. As you guide your hero to the final stage, you may then see him make his way toward the level's boss. You only need one kick to defeat the foe, and then you can relish in your reward.



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