about Speedrun Platformer

I really hope you have a good time playing this game of Speedrun Platformer! To establish a new world record in the global speedrun, you must press the buttons in the specified order.

This will move you to the top of the scoreboard. Get ready to embark on an exciting tap-to-win voyage. This trip is going to be a lot of fun. Your objective is to climb all the way to the top of the leaderboard. Tap, tap, tap is now under your power. It is needed that you finish some dangerous exams that comprise of traps. Find objects that have been concealed. What exactly are you keeping your fingers crossed for? Have some laughs, go on some exciting adventures, and make yourself the protagonist of your very own speedrunning tale. Establish a brand-new benchmark for the tap-tap!

In the exciting platformer Speedrun Platformer, players are tasked with breaking their personal records for the highest score they've ever achieved. When competing in speedrunning events, the best way to set a new benchmark for success is to be the first person to cross the finish line on the worldwide scoreboard.
Undertake a thrilling journey, and give it your all in order to work your way to the top of the leaderboard. Before you can declare yourself the winner of the game, you will need to complete all forty stages while avoiding all of the potential hazards, such as opponents, traps, and walls.I hope you enjoy your time here in Speedrun Platformer! Tap the buttons in the right order to set a new world record and move to the top of the world speedrun leaderboard. Get ready to embark on an exciting tap-to-win journey.


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