about Solitaire Classique

How to play
Many people simply refer to "Solitaire Classique" to refer to the card game known as classic solitaire (also known as Klondike Solitaire). Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties of Solitaire, Klondike is by far the most widely played. If you didn't know there were several kinds of solitaire games, you probably recognize Klondike as solitaire.

Sorting cards is a game of classic solitaire. In an effort to arrange the cards into four piles of cards that are separated by suit, you move cards between columns.

Traditional Solitaire Layout
A total of 28 cards are dealt into columns to start the game. The tableau is what is called here. One card is dealt face up, followed by six more face down in a series of seven cards. Deal one card face up on the second pile next, followed by one card face down in each pile. Once you have seven piles that begin on the left with one card and grow by one card with each column from left to right, continue in this manner, dealing one fewer card each time. Each pile's top card is displayed face-up. Put an Ace in a row at the top each time one shows up face up. These provide the basis. You can draw from a stock pile of the remaining 24 cards in the top left corner of the game screen whenever you need more cards.



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