about Smile Cube

Players of any age can enjoy the board game Smile Cube. To play, select groups of two or more blocks that are of the same color. The falling blocks of color will collide to generate new colors. The goal is to not leave any unfilled color blocks. If these colorful bricks aren't cleared out soon, they'll harden into stone. The higher your score, the more colored blocks you can eliminate.

After five wins in a row, you'll unlock the final trophy, and the game will end. You can get started in the upcoming match. The total number of points is not small, so don't hesitate to begin playing. The visual style of the game is understated but charming, and the levels are both well-designed and challenging. Fun, relaxing, and great for the brain, Smile Cube is a fantastic game for any occasion.


The perfect way to unwind and have fun
Adorable multicolored blocks.
Use the Smile Cube as your go-to daily brain exercise tool.



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