about Retro Bowl

If you're looking for a vintage American football game to play on your computer, there is no better choice than Retro Bowl. The goal of the game is to manage a team, complete seasons, and earn rewards. As a manager, it is your responsibility to sign and release players. Given the complexity of the NFL, it's not easy to win every season, and it's especially challenging in the first year. At first, the game can be scary, but it's worth putting up with the learning curve.

The most crucial aspect of this game is team management, so give your whole attention to it. The midfield position is crucial in the Retro Bowl, so play well for your squad.

How to play the Retro Bowl game

The rules of the Retro Bowl are the same as those of regular American football games. In a game with two 11-person teams, each player contributes to both sides. To win, you must amass more points than your opponent in the allocated period. 

A player must advance the ball along the length of their opponent's court and touch it in the goal area of their opponent's court in order to score. You can touch the ball by either hugging it and sprinting with it or by throwing it to a teammate.


Retro Bowl's retro and aesthetically pleasing visuals transport you back in time. There is no need to go to the stadium to watch football games; you can simply stay at home and participate.

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