about Om Nom Bounce

Do you remember the character 'OmNom' from the mobile game 'Cut the Rope'? In the game called 'Om Nom Bounce' our little green pal bounced into a new adventure. There are various formidable foes and bosses that he must contend with, but he may defeat them by firing candy directly at them. You must aim, shoot, and bounce your way through forty difficult stages spread over four distinct settings. Enhance your skills as you go to ensure victory over even the most formidable foes.

Today, our favorite character, Om Nom, will have to battle the spiders that have overrun the area where our hero resides because the spiders have invaded the area. In the game Om Nom Bounce, you will assist our hero in the fights that are to come. You will see Om Nom appear in front of you on the screen, facing in the direction that the spiders would move while moving at a particular speed. Our character will have candy as part of their arsenal. The joystick will be your primary method of control over its movements. You will need to position Om Nom so that he is facing one of the spiders, and then you may begin firing sweets at it. You only need to land a couple solid blows on the spider for it to be destroyed. You will receive points in the game Om Nom Bounce for doing this, and you will also continue to battle against the antagonist.


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