about Ninja Up!

Play Ninja Up! for free on Stumble Guys. This is one of our best games! Jump as high as you can in this exciting 2D platformer, Ninja Up! Is it a short hop to the Moon, or are you going for the long jump? The classic adventure game you know and love, now with unprecedented freedom of movement!

Tips for Playing Ninja Ups!

Take It Like a Ninja! It's great for people of all ages because of how easy it is to play. The game can be played easily, but succeeding at making the ninja soar requires dexterity and precision.
Players simply grab the screen and pull a horizontal line to make a rope that spins the ninja for a high leap. The elastic force aiding the ninja's ascent into the air is maximized if the rope is made shorter, and this effect is reversed if the rope is made longer. The longer the rope, the less force it has to repel. You'll score extra success points proportionally to your ninja level. Furthermore, the game's setting and background will shift when you're in the air.


The simple controls of Ninja Up! belie an adventure game that puts the player's reflexes to the test. In addition, it features a large cast of memorable personalities and tempting obstacles, guaranteeing you just the best in fun.



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