about Ninja Hands

YS Corps, a company renowned for pushing the limits of arcade games with their cutting-edge designs and difficult gameplay, is the company behind the game Ninja Hands. Their brand-new game, Ninja Hands, has recently attracted a lot of interest. You control a quick ninja as he levels up and avoids dangerous obstacles as the action unfolds in an intriguing setting. To move on to the next level, you must complete each one. Play through different difficulty levels with matched opponents to gain an advantage over your rivals. To get to the finish line ahead of your rivals, you'll need to use your talents and technique to get through every obstacle. As quickly as you can, use your ninja skills to remove any green balls from danger that emerge on the screen. As you advance in the game, you'll get access to other arenas with even tougher challenges waiting for you.

When you lean in closer, your hands appear to move farther away, creating the optical illusion known as "ninja hands". It frequently occurs as a humorous practical joke among friends or family members, but it also occurs in real life. Try out the following easy test: To test whether someone can still stretch as far as before, quickly lean toward them while asking them to keep their hands out. No matter how hard they try, you'll probably see that their fingers are curling in on themselves like ninja hands! One of the most frequent ways people unintentionally reveal their hand in public is through this optical illusion.

You are in charge of ninja assassins who have been taught how to kill their target using their lethal skills. You are a master of the Ninja Arts, able to do acrobatic hand movements and manipulate your fingers to conjure up lethal illusions. These ninjas are all distinctive in their own ways. Your role is to support them in their endeavors and finish any assignment that is delegated to you.



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