about Ninja

The best ninja game for both kids and adults! This game will be fun for everyone.
Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just like to play once in a while, this addicting game will be a lot of fun and you will love playing it. Ninja is a great and fun game in which you play as a ninja who sets the goal high and tries to get as much money as possible.
How far are you going to be able to run? Be careful, because enemies and spikes will be in your way. Prove to everyone that you're the best ninja! Ninja is the best way to kill time while running. It's easy to run as fast as you can, swipe to avoid saws and blades, and get more points. Check how fast you can act. In this epic running arcade game, you try to be the best ninja warrior you can be. A great way to pass the time on your device. Have a good time!

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