about Monsters.Io

In Monster.io, you can try to become the biggest monster around. You are in an arena full of dangerous monsters. In this dangerous place, you have to win to stay alive. Are you ready to let out the beast in you to save your life and win?

In this incredible 3D game, you should get ready for a close fight. Some small, poor people are going to get crushed by the monster in this venue. You are one of the monsters I just named. The hard part is that you start out as a fairly small monster. The more people you hit, the bigger you get and the higher your level. At some point, you'll start crashing into monsters that aren't as big as you. If you do this right, it will not only help you make money but also keep you safe in the arena. You will win the round if you are the biggest monster with the highest level. Don't forget that you can use the money you made to unlock new monsters and improve your speed, power, or number of lives. Now, go there and beat up some people or monsters that are smaller than you to win.



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