about LOLBeans.io

Would you like to try another Fall Guys version? It'd be LOLBeans.io. This is a fun game based on our well-known Fall Guys. To participate in the race, you will choose your name and skin color at the start. Each map removes a different player. Attempt to overcome the hurdles in order to be the race's last survivor. Please invite your friends to help you reach the final map!

If you are a huge fan of multiplayer games, you can share your interests with others by playing the entertaining LOLbeans io game. The goal is to be the first to cross the finish line and claim the title.

How to play the LOLBeans.io game

There are numerous obstacles on each level. Pass them as quickly as possible.

Those who do not cross the finish line on time will be eliminated in each round. As a result, you must act immediately. Defend yourself in order to pass the qualifiers and get to the final round.

Wherever there are hundreds of people jostling each other in the metropolis, you must wiggle around skilfully.


Observe space using the mouse.

To change the direction, press A/W/D/S.


LOLBeans.io is the home of all the adorable and colorful beans.

The game is developed on multiple platforms.

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