about Just Fall LOL

Just Fall LOL is more than just a penguin game; it's also a multiplayer online game with inspiration from Fall Guys. Players battle as penguins in hexagonal arenas to determine who can be the race's champion. If you are familiar with the Fall Guys, it's very easy to handle this version.

How to play the Just Fall LOL game

The rules of this game are straightforward. To move, leap, and slide with the cute penguin, use the arrow keys. In addition, you can customize your character's skin and game modes by selecting one of 12 distinct colors.

In each game, you will be paired with another player at random or invited by friends to make a group of eight players. Your mission is to keep the penguin alive on the ice for as long as possible. People walking on icebergs will cause them to fall. It would be great if you avoided the holes. To make your name appear on the leaderboard, be the last person to tumble into the sea.

To control the game, use the mouse, arrow keys, or WASD keys on the keyboard.


  • Simple and competitive gameplay.
  • Amazing graphics and art animation.
  • Various game modes are available.
  • Many of the characters' skins.

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