about Impostor.Io

Impostor.io is a type of io game that was made after Among Us. In Impostor.io, you have to beat other players to become the best life form. This game looks and plays like Among Us, and the controls are the same. You don't have to worry about being sneaky or acting out in this game. Now that the blinds are open, every man (or alien) is on his own. Get to the top of the leaderboards by beating everyone up with different weapons. Collecting energy cubes lets you level up and get stronger. Can you beat your enemy and become the most powerful impostor in the universe? You can earn credits by taking part in battles between planets. Spend them in the game shop on improvements that are worth it. You can buy hats, weapons, and change your character's color. A unique style will make you look much more experienced and in charge. If you like Among Us, don't be afraid to give this game a shot. It's a fun way to honor the internet sensation. It doesn't require you to play with other people like the first one did. Get the highest score by taking them out one by one.

How to play
Move the mouse cursor to make the character do what you want. The arrow in the middle of the screen shows which way to go. Click RMB to move faster and LMB to attack. If you run too much, your stamina will go down, and you won't be able to level up. Sometimes you have to stay out of a fight with a stronger player. Your life is made up of different parts, and that's how many hits you can take. Upgrading will give you more health.



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