about Friday Night Funkin'

For those who are hooked on rhythm games, Friday Night Funkin' is the ideal game with a fantastic music soundtrack. Friday Night Funkin' is a unique music rhythm game that will put your musical knowledge and reflexes to the test.

You're attempting to kiss your girlfriend because it's all you want in the world, but her cruel father won't allow you to get close to her. However, your chances of having your wish granted are slim! Because his father was a previous rock star, the only way to get to his heart and save his life is via the power of music. Try to play all of the musical notes at the proper time to get enough points and win the game!

How to play the Friday Night Funkin' game

There are 7 levels in the 7 weeks that players have to suffer.

Week 1: Bopeebo Fresh Dad Battle.

Week 2: Spookeez South Monster.

Week 3: Pico Philly Blammed.

Week 4: Satin-Panties High MILF.

Week 5: Cocoa Eggnog Winter-Horrorland.

Week 6: Senpai Roses Thorns.

Week 7 : Ugh Guns Stress.


Play by using the WASD or arrow keys (or switch to DFJK in the options menu).

  • Enter to make a choice.
  • ESC can be used to return.


First and foremost, gamers of all ages have been enthralled by Friday Night Funkin's 2D graphics and adorable, lively characters.

Secondly, numerous catchy songs were also included in the game to increase its allure and enchantment.

Finally, Friday Night Funkin's engaging gameplay entices gamers to immerse themselves completely in the experience.



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