about FNAF World

FNaF World is a role-playing game with Adventure and Fixed Party modes. It features Normal and Hard difficulties. The player chooses two four-character parties. The party can add and remove initial characters, the original and toy versions of the first primary game characters. The player can add 40 characters from the first four games as they play. Fredbear will guide the gamer. Fredbear's understanding of his predicament often breaks the fourth wall in these advice.

Explore the game environment and unlock new regions. After pressing a particular button in new regions, the player can use "jumping" to teleport through an overworld map. Version 1.2, launched in May 2016, updated the globe from 2D Atari-like to pre-rendered 3D. The game has many area-exclusive enemy characters that can be fought. After beating an adversary, the player receives experience points and "Faz Tokens" to buy upgrades like "chips" and "bytes" to help them in the game.



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