about Fall Guys

Fall Guys is an infinite-running battle royale game released in 2020 by Mediatonic. In this game, your task is to compete against one another to see who can finish first in the race.

In comparison to other games in the same genre, this is a running game with many more players. There may be up to 60 participants.

Players must dash to the finish line while avoiding obstacles.

Use your abilities such as running, jumping, leaping, sliding, and climbing ladders. You must finish before the timer runs out or you will be disqualified.

In this game, you must concentrate on time concepts and running abilities.


The game allows you to customize your character. However, you must buy more diamonds if you desire a strong and powerful character.

  • The players are drawn in by the 3D graphics and the colorful, appealing characters.
  • You can play Fall Guys with your buddies without paying anything.


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