about Fall Boys

Inspired by the smash hit Fall Guys, Fall Boys is a fantastic multiplayer experience. Commence a race of battle royale in which the winner is the first to reach the finish line while avoiding all the obstacles in their path.

In this game, your objective is to reach the finish line without sustaining any injuries. Try to reach the finish line as quickly and as quickly as possible. If you fall along the course, you will be eliminated from the competition instantly. In this instance, you must restart in order to participate in the next race.

If you are crazy about the multiplayer game genre, don’t miss the chance to play this game.

How to play the Fall Boys game

The gameplay is pretty straightforward and can be quickly mastered. You don't need to remember so many rules because all you have to do is swing and jump.

  • Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to control the player.
  • Press the spacebar to leap.
  • Move the mouse to modify the camera's field of view.


Fall Boys is appealing due to its fascinating and humorous physics. It is insanely fascinating to see your opponents crumble around you.

Besides, the easy gameplay and eye-catching interface are also the key elements that attract millions of players around the world.

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