about Fall Beans

Fall Beans is a fun battle royale and multiplayer game. Like the well-known Fall Guys and Fall Boys, this game allows you to play against other opponents in a hard race.

It is a multiplayer racing competition with shifting obstacles. In battle-royale-style gameplay, you race feverishly against a large number of opponents to the finish line. You will be the winner if you move around obstacles at the right time and choose the fastest way to win. 

How to play the Fall Beans game

In this game, your objective is to swiftly avoid hazards along the course and pass other competitors as well. Participate in the game and demonstrate your capacity to win.

  • Press W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the Spacebar to leap.
  • Tab will launch the conversation window.
  • The Shift is used to dance.
  • Move the camera vision scope using the left mouse button.


This game is a multiplayer game inspired by Fall Guys, so if you are familiar with this game genre, you will definitely master Fall Beans. However, what distinguishes Fall Beans from other games is its chat box function. It means you can chat with other players via the chat box. 

This game features numerous levels ranging from simple to challenging. Each level contains obstacles such as falling flooring and shifting walls. Try to escape these traps and locate the most advantageous path to victory!

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