about Dumpling Jumpling

Dumpling Jumpling is a skill-based jumping game. An anthropomorphic dumpling in blue and white sneakers enjoys making platforms out of kitchenware, such as horizontal tin cans, jam jars, and butter trays, to leap from the top of a stainless steel cook pot. These things also seem to have a human aesthetic.
In front of a counter with plants and a window with billowing curtains, the dumpling wiggles from one foot to the other on the pot. After a brief pause, the items begin to glide in from the sides of the screen.
The player's mission is to guide the dumpling to the highest possible level by having it land on top of everything it can. If they don't time their jumps quite right, the dumpling gets knocked off the screen. The goal of the player is to improve upon their previous best performance.
Dumpling Good hand-eye coordination is essential for the jumping skill. The player may also be tasked with guiding the dumpling to a horizontal green dashed line. They risk knocking the dumpling over on its bottom instead of sending it flying off the screen if they try to force it to go too quickly.



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