about Cookie Clicker

If you are a fan of indie games with simple gameplay, welcome to Cookie Clicker. This is Cookie Clicker's World, a browser-based game whose name pretty much sums up its gameplay: Clicking generates cookies. That's all. And the more cookies you generate, the more tools you can purchase to generate even more cookies. Initially, this means a grandmother who will bake more cookies for you. You'll eventually gain a farm, a factory, and a cookie mine.

Join this game and enjoy!

How to play the Cookie Clicker game

The gameplay is quite simple with the left-click to generate the extra cookies. When playing the game, you can see how much cake you currently have on the side of the huge cookie. Furthermore, you can monitor how many cookies you produce per second. This figure will appear directly below your total number of cakes. Remember that just because you do not click does not mean you will not act. Purchase the essential upgrades as soon as possible.


In Cookie Clicker, you can choose to either enable or disable game audio.

Thanks to your cursors and cookie-baking structures, even if you're occupied, the number of cookies grows.

Always upgrade practical equipment for the best results.

All players can enjoy this game. Play a game that doesn't require any mastery techniques. Your mind will then be at ease after a long day of work and study.



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