about BreakPix

In BreakPix, you have to use the balls to break all of the pixels in the pixel art before you run out of balls. You can move the ball left or right to break the pixels as quickly as you can.

What to do
To get pixel art, move in one direction until the ball falls off the background, and then quickly change directions. You should aim for the top part of the pixel graphics, where the ball will be most visible.
This will let the ball hurt the pixels underneath it. But in later stages, the platform may have spikes under it, so be careful. Most of the time, the player is given a lot of balls, but they shouldn't be wasted. This game has a total of 35 levels to play through.
If you want to break two pixels at once and bounce higher, you should aim between them. But you'll need to look at where your photo ends up after it breaks the second pixel. Have a good time!

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