about Among us

Among Us is the title of a multiplayer game published after being developed by InnerSloth's three-person team. Since Among Us has been so well received recently, the developers considered making a sequel, but they are currently focusing on specific issues they plan to address with a patch. The developers have a lot on their plates, but they will hopefully get to at least some of the topics on this list.

How to play the Among us game

In the multiplayer social deduction game Among Us, participants will attempt to perform the different tasks that have been set for them. However, one or more of the players are impostors if the parameters are altered. The imposter is the most demanding and stressful position possible. It is also really enjoyable. The fake crew member has to pretend to be a regular crew member while killing the other crew members without getting caught.


Among Us is a popular online social deduction multiplayer game, and its players have begun to point out some game-breaking deficiencies. These changes could make the flow of play in Among Us better by making it harder for people to do things that hurt a session or the whole community.

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