about A Silly Journey

Are you a foolish explorer? Do you enjoy spelunking and having adventures? Enjoy playing video games? Check out the Silly Journey game if you said YES to any of these questions. You must move from point A to point Z in this platformer adventure game without falling or dying from hazards! Beginning with only you and your reliable arrow, the A Silly Journey is fairly straightforward. Each stage must be completed by dodging obstacles, collecting stars, and jumping over traps.

What's it really like to be a superhero? Being a superhero is an exciting job because of all the experiences—from the glory to the boredom to the isolation. What if, though, you could blend each of those into a single experience? What if you could create a single experience that brought together everything you enjoy about being a superhero with all of the problems, risks, and obligations that come with being one, much like in most video games?



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